How to Clean Your Leather Bag

Let’s jump right into the Basic Cleaning Tips:

  1. Prepare Your Bag - Empty out all belongings in your handbag
  2. Mix warm water and mild soap as the cleaning solution
  3. Use a soft cloth, dip into cleaning solution and wring
  4. Spot clean the exterior of your leather bag
  5. Blot with a dry soft cloth and air dry for at least 10 minutes 

For Stains on Your Bag:

  1. Treat stain immediately with dry soft cloth
  2. Once liquid is absorbed, carefully spot clean with above instructions
  3. Return to stained area with a dry cloth and blot until dry 
  4. Allow for slow drying time out of direct sunlight

From metallic clutches to tote bags, care and leather protection are essential

Aimee Kestenberg is a practical luxury brand for independent women that offers a wide range of handbags, accessories, luggage, travel, jewelry, baby bags and baby apparel. Because we take our social responsibility seriously we encourage you to not only support our philanthropic efforts but also preserve the beauty of our designs. 

Our luxury fashion bags are the perfect combination of functional designs and Aimee’s Australian heritage. Each style is an investment for the 

independent woman and we want to teach you how to care for your bags properly. Cleaning and protecting your handbag will extend the lifespan and overall value of this beautiful investment. 

Whether this is your first or your fifth leather handbag, it is never too late to learn how to treat your leather goods. You may be wondering “How to Clean Your Leather Bag?” look no further! Below we will share the secrets of how to keep your prized possession gleaming through everyday wear and lasting as long as it should.

How to clean your leather bag

As we approach the Holiday season, you may be traveling to see family and friends. We want to ensure that your Aimee Kestenberg travel, backpacks, and tote bags are in pristine condition. Be sure to follow these steps to prepare and protect your bag from the accidents that sometimes happen while you’re on the go. 

Ensure that you clean your quality leather bags often by wiping them down or spot cleaning. 

  1. Thoroughly empty the bag and pockets. Be sure to remove as much dust and debris before cleaning. 

  2. Spot clean with a mixture of warm water and mild soap on a soft cloth. Do not use a cloth that is oversaturated as excessive moisture can wrinkle the leather.

  3. Wipe down with a soft dry cloth and allow for the bag to sit and air dry for approximately 10 minutes. 

Use these same steps to care for the hardware on your bags. Remember that excessive amounts of product on treated leather bags can have an adverse effect by dulling the sheen or color of the leather. Using mild soap and warm water aids in naturally restoring quality leather. Your luxury handbags last substantially longer when you take the time to care for them properly. 

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How to remove a liquid stain from your leather bag

Spills happen and stains appear on beautiful leather bags everyday, although it's not ideal, your bag is salvageable. In the event of a liquid or ink stain, do not smudge it in with a wet cloth. Follow the suggested steps below:

  1. First, you want to treat the stain right away. Blot the liquid with a dry soft cloth to remove as much moisture as you can. 
  2. Once the liquid is absorbed, go over the stain with a lightly dampened (warm water only) cloth. If you are using a leather cleaner or spray, apply directly to the damp cloth first. Test any leather cleaner or spray on a less visible spot of the bag beforehand if possible. 
  3. Try not to rub or smudge the stain as this could cause it to spread and/or leave a water stain on the leather.
  4. Lastly, blot again with a dry soft cloth and place the bag in a warm space away from any direct sunlight to allow for a slow drying process.

If there is no change in the appearance of the stain, consider taking it to a professional right away in order to preserve and restore the leather.  The pro-tip here is that a pre-treated bag will stand up far better to liquid stains and pen marks than a bag that has not been conditioned since purchase.

Our products are made from high quality materials intended to last even through everyday use.  We recommend that you spot treat your leather items with a wet cloth, and regularly condition them with our leather protectant.  

Keep your handbag safe with our Aimee Kestenberg Leather Protectant Spray. Formulated specifically for high-fashion leathers, our leather spray shields your bag from rain, sweat, and dirt. This spray-on treatment penetrates into leather and forms a barrier that prevents water and grime from sticking. Apply it to new handbags or accessories to keep them pristine, and reapply each time you clean or condition your bag.

  • Formulated specifically for the soft leathers
  • Repels water and resists stains
  • Our formula will not harden leather or reduce its natural breathability
  • Safe for smooth leathers and suede

Additional Tips & Things to Avoid

Now that you know what to do, let us give you a few “don’ts”. Home remedies are great for some things and not so good for others. We recommend always using a cleaner that is designed for leather care and following with our protectant. Try not to use baby wipes, vinegar, or other so-called “home remedies,” as these may tarnish the appearance of your bag. These mixtures may leach color, set in stains, dry out the leather, cause grease build-up, and many other problems.

As aforementioned, be sure to first test your cleaner on a part of the bag that is less visible before using it on the face of the bag. You can never be certain of how a cleaner will affect your specific leather. In using soaps, be sure to use mild soaps as opposed to harsher heavy-duty soaps that may result in discoloration or fading of the leather. Also remember that the sun is not a friend to your gorgeous leather bag. Do not leave your handbag in direct sunlight. The UV rays will damage the leather by drying it out or draining away the color on the exposed side(s).

Lastly, remember not to overfill your leather bags due to stress damage. Stretching tends to occur when bags are overfilled with items that are too large, or too heavy, for the construction of the bag. Your zippers should be able to close easily, without pulling on the seams on either side of the openings. If the straps should curl up or deform under the weight of heavier items, you may need to upgrade the size of your bag. If you have to carry big or heavy items, shop our selection of backpacks or travel bags.

As you’re shopping for the holidays, don’t forget the key to preserving such a great gift throughout the year. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for our top picks of the season!

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