Women’s Leather Backpacks

Discover the allure of hassle-free elegance with Aimee Kestenberg's range of women's leather backpacks. Indulge in the perfect blend of practicality and style as you embrace spacious interiors, smart compartments, and ingenious storage solutions. 

Our leather backpacks redefine convenience by seamlessly storing everything you need within easy reach. Elevate your backpack experience with intricate details and the lavish touch of leather, ensuring you're ready for anything, whether it's a leisurely visit to the local market or an impromptu night out.

Convenience Meets Style

No debate needed - backpacks reign supreme in the realm of effortless, hands-free transport of your daily essentials. Generously roomy, thoughtfully compartmentalized, and entirely comfortable - they embody ultimate practicality.

However, the traditional backpacks of yesteryears often fell short in the style spectrum. Bulky, lacking finesse, and bearing either a masculine or juvenile flair. Typically draped in canvas or nylon, they catered mainly to school-goers, professionals, or outdoor enthusiasts.

Not anymore.

Aimee Kestenberg’s women’s backpacks are made with the modern woman in mind. With smaller, more stylish silhouettes, luxurious leather exteriors, and fun, sophisticated color palettes, these are stylish accessories for the 21st-century woman.

Endless Options

Immerse yourself in a world of boundless choices with Aimee Kestenberg's assortment of women's leather backpacks. Our collection encompasses an expansive array of shapes, hues, dimensions, and profiles. And yes, we proudly introduce convertible backpacks into the mix! 

From the hustling executive to the tireless mom-on-the-go and the trend-conscious fashionista strolling through boutiques, there’s sure to be an Aimee Kestenberg to meet your needs, style, and aesthetic.

All for Love Convertible Backpack

One of our larger silhouettes, the All for Love Convertible Backpack, comes in over a dozen colors ranging from whimsical to downright serious and can work any situation from the boardroom to the playground, to the café. Equipped with a handful of conveniently designed pockets and accented with thoughtful trims, snaps, and details, it’s a true marriage of convenience and chic style.

Bali Backpack

On the other end of the spectrum is our Bali Backpack. Paying homage to the leather backpacks that absolutely owned the 90s fashion scene, these women's backpacks have taken a tried-and-true trend and elevated in every way to give it a new home in the 2020s. Crafted from luxury suede or leather, this classic silhouette is accented with custom hardware, features convenient interior pockets, and is available in a number of fun prints and designs.

Bali Mini Backpack

For something sweet, compact, and to the point, our Bali Mini Backpack has it all. Its compact design is lightweight, convenient, and packed with unique and eye-catching design elements that command attention. After all, who says modest dimensions can't create an impactful statement?

And these are just the beginning. Be sure to browse our collection to find the perfect leather backpack for you!

More to Choose From

At Aimee Kestenberg, we’re about so much more than just leather backpacks for women. Our extensive collections span everything from leather handbags to belt bagsbucket bags, and designer crossbody bags. We also offer accessories, jewelry, and even eyewear! Find the next Aimee Kestenberg piece to add to your collection today.

Step into a world where your style takes center stage. Beyond backpacks, it's about your narrative. Your next Aimee Kestenberg piece is a chapter waiting to be written - a chapter that's uniquely you.

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