Hobo Bags for Women

There’s something about a hobo bag that somehow always makes it feel simultaneously classic and trendy at the same time. Maybe it’s the unique silhouette. Maybe it’s the ability to coordinate with a seemingly endless number of outfits. Maybe it’s the way it seamlessly blends fashion, functionality, and convenience in the most effortless way.
Whatever it is, here at Aimee Kestenberg, we’re big fans of hobo handbags and work hard to offer you a collection of hobo bags that work for every occasion, style, and season.

Classic, Contemporary, and Chic

We believe that what makes leather hobo bags so classic is their timelessly unique shape. Even from across a room, a hobo bag is easily identifiable. With its oversized silhouette, these crescent-shaped bags connect to a strap on each end. Because they’re usually made from soft, drapey materials, they slouch into a relaxed shape, making them as iconic as they are effortless.

For a more subtle and refined take on a hobo handbag, consider one of our more understated styles, like the Bali Hobo, and choose it in a warm, neutral color. This will accentuate a day-to-day outfit rather than trying to outshine it or steal the spotlight.

To pay a fun homage to a vintage fashion trend, be sure to consider our Beach Babe Fringe Hobo. This classically styled piece adds just a touch of fun fringe to the seams of the bag, keeping it modern while nodding at a beloved fashion trend of days gone by.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, take another look at our Bali Hobo, but this time, try it in an eye-popping pattern like Eucalyptus PrintBlue Cobra Snakeskin, or wavy Sahara to really make a statement. With spotlight-stealing hobo bags like these, you’re sure to turn heads in every room you enter.

Shapes, Sizes, and Silhouettes, Oh My!

At Aimee Kestenberg, our collection goes beyond just leather hobo bags. We recognize the dynamic, multifaceted lives of our community of women. Each day brings a new role, a new challenge, and you deserve a handbag collection as unique and versatile as you are.

Our extensive collection of women’s bags will keep you covered from dawn to dusk, from casual to formal, and through every season. For those “go-go-go” non-stop days, our leather backpacks will help keep you organized, focused, and looking great. When you’re only looking to transport the bare essentials, you can’t beat our stylish and functional bum bags. For our elegant traditionalists, we have an impressive collection of shoulder bags, and for those who can’t say no to a trendy yet convenient look, our crossbody bags are the way to go.

Whatever your style and whatever your daily needs, you’ll find something uniquely you at Aimee Kestenberg. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing today!


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