The Best Travel Bags for Your Summer Adventures

Preparation is essential for a fun and relaxing summer adventure, so choosing the right bag is a must. Ideally, your travel bag should have all the desired features and look great with your outfits. How can you tell when you’ve found “the one?” This guide to the best travel bags for women outlines your options, giving you the lowdown on the benefits of each popular silhouette.

The Perfect Partner for Weekend Road Trips

A weekend travel bag has to be tough, versatile and fashionable. The perfect design can carry all the essentials while being small enough for a quick jaunt into a boutique or coffee shop. There’s also the matter of organization; a quick trip bag should have enough pockets and compartments so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Fortunately, tote and belt bags meet the brief! Both designs are convenient and come in a range of patterns and colors to express your personal style.

Travel Totes That Let You Throw-and-Go

The travel tote bag is iconic; it’s a staple at beaches, tourist attractions and country picnics. Their large size and collection of interior pockets make tote bags a go-to for weekend getaways.

Though a bulkier build, totes easily make up for any unwieldiness with their carrying capacity. With the right tote, you can carry the following with ease:

  • Electronic devices and chargers
  • Wet wipes, makeup wipes and hand sanitizer
  • Books, notebooks and writing implements
  • Medication, sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Makeup bag and wallet

This silhouette also affords maximum privacy and accessibility. Some designs have exterior pockets to store things you need at a moment's notice (such as your car keys) with sturdy zippers to ensure you never lose them. Inside, the top totes have several open pockets and zippered compartments to store more sensitive items.

Totes are well-known for their durability, making them excellent companions for trips. Their sturdy designs allow them to stand up on their own, allowing you to place them on the ground without worrying about spills. 

Stay Worry-Free Wherever the Weekend Takes You

Also called belt bags, bum bags are a great choice if your weekend adventure involves a lot of sightseeing, climbing or shopping. The namesake belt turns this bag into hands-free storage, allowing you to sip coffee, enjoy ice cream and haul souvenirs without a second thought.

Bum bags are more compact than totes, meaning they can fit less. However, they’re still large enough to carry your phone, keys, a few makeup essentials and other must-haves. Their adjustable straps allow you to wear them around your hips or across your body, ensuring a comfortable fit no matter your attire. Though on the smaller end, belt bags still sport interior zipper compartments; some designs even have magnetic snaps and exterior pockets.

Travel Companions That Make Flying a Breeze

The right carry-on luggage can mean the difference between a pleasant flight and a disaster. Carry-on travel bags should contain everything you need during the flight or in case of a delay, ensuring you never get caught off-guard.

Of course, there are a few caveats. Airport security has strict rules about what you can and can’t have on board a plane, and airlines limit the weight and dimensions of carry-on luggage. To ensure your bag meets restrictions, look for a silhouette no larger than the following:

  • Less than 45 inches total
  • Lower than 9 inches
  • Thinner than 14 inches
  • Shorter than 22 inches

Fortunately, many crossbody bags and backpacks meet this criteria.

Easily Access Everything You Need With These Crossbody Bags for Travel

Crossbody bags are another excellent choice for a hands-free excursion. Some designs also come with short handles for carrying over the arm as needed.

The best crossbody bags for travel make great accessories as well as luggage. They’re small enough to designate them as a “purse,” allowing you to keep them close at hand instead of stowed overhead.

Forget Baggage Fees With the Right Carry-On 

Backpacks for women offer many of the same benefits as their crossbody cousins, from functionality to hands-free use. Unlike crossbody designs, they evenly distribute weight across both shoulders, allowing you to carry heavier items, such as tablets. Their size range also offers larger options, allowing you to pack more in your carry-on luggage.

Some backpack designs also offer a variety of compartments, making them the perfect mix between a crossbody and a tote bag. Exterior and interior pockets allow this silhouette to function as a diaper bag, office work bag or adventuring gear. Best of all, these backpacks are still fun and fashionable.

Find Your Best Adventure Buddy in an Aimee Kestenberg Collection

Whether you want crossbody bags for travel days or a tote for your day trip, Aimee Kestenberg has a design for you. These travel bags marry utility and self-expression, ensuring you have the perfect bag to keep up with your busy schedule. Find a bag that makes you feel confident and comfortable while traveling and learn more about what makes Aimee Kestenberg stand out.