We are thrilled to partner this Fall with female founder Kaylin of JIGGY Puzzles

Kaylin and I align in many ways, from our deep passion, to highlighting and celebrating female artists and founders, to our brand focuses on mindfulness and growth through the pieces we create. 

I’m excited to launch our 80’s Baby puzzle, an artwork created to celebrate phenomenal women of the 80’s. 

We hope you love it! 

xx Aimee & Kaylin


“Five years ago, I was working around the clock at an early startup and fell in love with jigsaw puzzles as my nightly meditation. I started dreaming up a puzzle that would be beautiful for both the doing and the decorating, that would look good before, during and after completion. I knew I wanted to support and highlight the work of amazing female artists and after a year of curating the art and reimagining and designing the packaging, JIGGY was born.

I hope JIGGY inspires you to unplug and experience art in a whole new way, in pieces.”