How to Store Handbags and Keep Them Organized

Are you tired of searching high and low to find one of your favorite women's handbags that you haven't carried in a while? Are you constantly asking yourself, “How can I store my handbags?” Just like your favorite Aimee bag, which is thoughtfully designed with grab-and-go organization, your handbag collection should also be right at your fingertips. Take a look at nine tips shared by our Aimee community that are sure to help you organize and keep your bags, you guessed it, handy.

1. How To Organize Handbags: Handy, Helpful Hooks

This idea is for you if you have open wall space, a walk-in closet, or a closet with doors. Attach hooks or coat racks with multiple hooks on the walls and doors. Use hooks that blend into the room's paint color or fancier ones that complement your interior decor. Horizontal wall hooks provide double-duty for scarves, jewelry, and accessories. Or purchase a closet organizer already designed with multiple hooks. This idea is great for handbags with longer shoulder straps, like women's backpacks, crossbody bags, and shoulder bags. Hang one or two bags on each hook to keep them visible and convenient.

2. Plastic Storage Containers: Clear and Clutter-free Organization

One of the easiest ideas that answers the age-old question of how to store my handbags to keep them safe, clean, and ready to go, is using clear plastic storage containers. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, with some featuring built-in organizational areas. Get creative and use separate containers for different categories, colors, or sizes. Make an inventory list of what bags are inside each container and attach them to the lids. Store the containers under your bed and stack them in the closet for a clutter-free storage solution.

3. Book Shelves: How To Keep Handbags Handy

A creative take on how to organize handbags is transforming bookshelves into handbag shelves. This way, not only are they neat and tidy displayed side by side, but they are also double as works of art for all to see. We say your handbags are as beautiful as artwork! Incorporate books into your display by stacking them and displaying wallets, belt bags, and clutches on top, or use books as bookends for securing large shoulder bags, satchel bags, and tote bags. Whether you decide to devote each shelf to one color palette or go for the gusto and randomly place them to create multiple colors, patterns, and textures, bookshelves can become your new organizational best friend.

4. Storage Cubes: Clever and Creative Organization

When deciding how to store handbags, storage cubes offer a surprisingly simple solution. These little gems offer unlimited organizational options for your entire collection. Transform a corner in your closet or an empty area in your bedroom into a spot dedicated to your handbag collection. Stack the cubes on top of each other, attach them to the wall, or set them in multiple places in your dressing area. Get creative and line each cube with fabric that coordinates with your handbag collection. This lining will add a decorative touch to the storage cube while adding a layer of soft protection.

5. Coat Racks: Rise to the How Can I Store My Handbags Occasion

It's always fun to find out-of-the-ordinary ideas on how to keep handbags organized. Traditional coat racks easily double as a beautiful bag storage idea. They are tall, freestanding, available in an array of styles and sizes, and can be moved from place to place. There are also coat racks that include shelves and drawers, making it easy to coordinate with your home decor and handbag collection size.

6. How To Store Handbags With Bins & Baskets

There are a variety of organizational solutions for how to keep handbags organized using cubbies, bins, and baskets. Gather your bags together and carefully organize them by color, style, and size into basics or bins. Whether you select plastic products for storing inside your closet or under your bed or go for more decorative products like woven and cloth baskets for displaying in your dressing space, this solution will keep your collection pristine and easy to access.

7. Create A Cabinet With Glass Doors

For those with a sizable handbag collection and ample space at home, consider setting up a handbag cabinet. It's akin to a traditional dresser, but with the added elegance of clear glass doors. This method not only organizes and protects your handbags but also turns them into a decorative display. Whether custom-built for your closet or repurposed from a thrift store gem, a glass-doored handbag cabinet is a stylish and practical solution for keeping your bags both visible and in pristine condition.

8. Design An Accessory Wall

Transform fashion into a visual treat by dedicating a wall to organize your accessories stylishly. Adorn this space with an array of decorative hooks, knobs, clips, pegboards, and shelves for a dynamic display. Arrange hats on the upper hooks, drape belts and jewelry in the middle, and showcase backpacks, tote bags, and shoulder handbags with longer straps at the bottom. Utilize the shelves to exhibit smaller items like wallets, clutches, and belt bags. This setup not only organizes your accessories but also turns your wall into a vibrant showcase of color, texture, and easily accessible fashion statements.

9. Store My Handbags With Velvet Hangers

Your luxe handbag collection deserves some tender loving care when stored away. Instead of regular boring wire or bulky plastic hangers, devote a spot in your closet and hang your bags on stronger velvet-covered hangers with coordinating clips. Not only are they colorful and pretty, but velvet hangers are slimmer, take up less closet space, and create an elevated space for your beloved collection.

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