AIMEE KESTENBERG & Venessa Arizaga collage

AIMEE KESTENBERG x Venessa Arizaga This collaboration was a universal fit. I first learned of the brand 8 years ago on a trip to Paris where I purchased a Venessa Arizaga bracelet. We connected more recently over our aligned mission to uplift and empower women through the pieces we create. Our brands are kindred spirits, sharing a common bond in the balance of city life and island culture.

We are so in love with what we created, we hope you will love it too!

xx Aimee Venessa


Venessa Arizaga’s love for jewelry grew from her passion for travel. Splitting her time between New York City and Puerto Rico, the contemporary jewelry designer draws inspiration from the duality of these cultures. 

“I like to think of each piece I create as a treasure and good luck charm, something special to keep close to you to reflect upon good times and evoke your fondest memories.”