How to Wear a Belt Bag

Fashion, particularly in the realm of women's handbags, has a poetic rhythm. Iconic trends emerge, defining an era, only to gracefully bow out, making room for the new. Yet, like a classic melody, they return, enchanting a fresh generation of style aficionados.

Enter the belt bag. A nostalgic nod to the 90s, it was once the beloved "fanny pack," a symbol of hands-free flair. Now, if the term "fanny pack" conjures images of neon vinyl, chunky straps, and memories of tracksuits and side ponytails, fret not. We're here to paint a new picture.

Let's shift our gaze to the modern belt bag. It's as if the fanny pack matured, trading its youthful exuberance for refined elegance. No longer just a vibrant accessory for the young or the tourist, today's belt bag is a sophisticated statement of understated luxury.

Stylish woman in a blazer showing how to wear a belt bag crossbody

In the ever-evolving tapestry of fashion, the reinvented belt bag has claimed its rightful place, and darling, it's not just a fleeting moment; it's an enduring movement.

What is a Belt Bag?

At its core, a belt bag is exactly what it sounds like – a small bag affixed to a belt rather than a chain or shoulder strap. An Aimee Kestenberg belt bag pays subtle homage to the fanny packs of the past with beautifully modern designs that are casual, classic, and chic. These bags can serve as a wonderful alternative to a large sling bag or a big, bulky bag when you just want to carry the essentials.

They’re designed with you, a busy, on-the-go, 21st-century woman in mind. Our belt bags offer a deceptively large amount of storage space while employing modern details and unique design elements to deliver you a hands-free bag that meets all of your daily needs while ensuring you – and your bag – always look great.

What is a bum bag?

You may also have heard about or seen something called a “bum bag” lately. What is this, and how is it different from a belt bag? Actually, they aren’t different at all. Bum bags and belt bags are just two different phrases used to refer to the same style bag – anything that sits on a strap or belt rather than a shoulder strap or chain.

When talking about or searching for your newest hands-free waist bag, you can use these two terms interchangeably.

Several Aimee Kestenberg Milan Belt Bags sitting on a rock formation

Are belt bags still in style?

In a word, YES! As we mentioned, fanny packs never really went away. Instead, they evolved into the chic and understated belt bags and bum bags of today. However, while they’ve always sort of been here, lingering in the margins of popular fashion, they are having a big moment right now.

Celebrities ranging from Jessica Alba to Kate Hudson to Cameron Diaz, it seems everyone in Hollywood has a collection of belt bags right now. Even male celebrities like Donny Wahlberg and Nick Jonas are getting in on the action, having been spotted in recent months accessorizing with trendy belt bags.

The most important question is whether this trend fits your personal style. Finding the right belt bag for you means understanding your own style preferences and shopping our collection to find a silhouette, color, and style belt bag that not only meshes with your unique style but also amplifies it.

How to Wear a Belt Bag

There are two main ways a belt bag is traditionally worn. First, it can be worn around the waist, similar to the way you’d wear a belt. This should, of course, be placed on top of your top layer of clothes, both for style and convenience.

This is a great way to wear a belt bag in the summer when we tend to wear shorter, more fitted clothes. The belt bag can rest around your waist and still allow easy access to its contents whenever you might need to access it.

How to wear a belt bag crossbody

Another popular way to wear a belt bag or a bum bag is to fashion it like a crossbody bag. Rather than securing it around your waist, you can wear the bum bag diagonally across your chest. To do this, ensure that the buckle is positioned across your back, with the bag’s strap crossing your body from one shoulder towards the opposite hip, almost like a seatbelt. The belt bag itself should be positioned near the middle of your chest, allowing you to keep your belongings close and giving you the ability to easily access them whenever you need to.

This is a great way to utilize a belt bag with an outfit that is looser fitting or contains more layers. This configuration ensures your bag will stay front and center rather than getting lost under a sweatshirt or bulky piece of clothing.

Aimee Kestenberg showing how to wear a belt bag crossbody

How to Style a Belt Bag

With our wide selection of Aimee Kestenberg belt bags, you’ll never be short on style options. But how do you seamlessly incorporate this unique style into your wardrobe? Here are a couple of examples of how to use your newest belt or bum bag to elevate your ensemble to the next level.

For a chic and fashionable cold-weather look that is guaranteed to get you through the winter in style, look no further than our Ski Puffer Bum Bag. Puffy, recycled nylon material, and modern chevron quilting make this bag the perfect accessory for wherever your adventures take you. Pair it in crisp, white Cloud with skinny jeans, tall winter boots, a solid-colored long-sleeve shirt, and a suede or faux-fur vest to capture the spirit of the winter season. Wear your bag in the crossbody style and add a cute winter hat to pull the whole look together.

If you’re going for something a little more retro, we have to recommend our Milan Bum Bag. This leather belt bag comes in a variety of colors and patterns, but if you want to pay a little homage to the styles of the past, we encourage you to do so with the Sahara color combination. This style combines greens, oranges, and light reds in a swirled pattern that is somehow both modern and retro at the same time. Wear it around your waist in the summer with cutoff denim shorts, plain white sneakers, and a solid t-shirt or button-down shirt to really blend the high fashion of today with the whimsical colors of the past. When the weather gets cold, simply change into your favorite jeans and add a brightly colored cardigan, and you’re ready for all the day has to offer.


The belt bag (or bum bag) is one of the most fashionable and trendiest bag styles you can carry today. Born from the evolution of the ‘90s fanny pack, this is not your mom’s technicolor dream bag. Instead, the belt bags of today are chic, understated, stylish, and beyond practical. Be sure to browse our selection today to find your next bag.