Travel Bags & Accessories for Women

For the modern woman who juggles weekend getaways, business meetings, and daily adventures, Aimee Kestenberg's travel bags are the quintessential companions. We get it. You're on the go, fierce, fabulous, and a multitasking genius who takes on every challenge with style and sophistication. Our handbags and travel accessories are created for you, a woman who appreciates a complementary blend of fashion and function. You're not necessarily looking to stand out but prefer to stand up to whatever comes your way. Walk out the door with an Aimee on your arm and enjoy practical luxury like no other.

Totes: Take Along Luxury

Traveling is so much simpler with Aimee tote bags by your side. Our collection features an array of sizes, shapes, and silhouettes because every adventure is unique, just like you. Every inch both inside and out, is carefully crafted to give you the perfect combination of convenience and comfort. Generous interiors and smart organizational pockets keep essentials safely tucked away. Buttery soft leather, tactile textures, and artistic designs provide an understated luxury wherever you roam. Take along a tote, and rest assured you look polished and pulled together for any occasion or encounter.

Belt Bags: Classic Charm

Roll out the hands-free fashion with an Aimee Belt Bag. This comeback classic is chic and full of character and charisma. Brilliantly designed, this versatile bag has all the bells and whistles for modern lifestyles. Pack-and-go convenience abounds with adjustable straps, roomy right-at-your-fingertips organization, and a splendid selection of colors, patterns, and profiles. And just like you, we adore style options to meet our ever-changing moods. Drape your belt bag over the shoulder for a chic touch, sling it across as a crossbody for effortless style, or fasten it around your waist for a timeless look.

Backpacks: Polished Performance

Backpacks are ideal travel companions, surpassing all your expectations with their iconic style and functionality. Sleek and stunning, women's backpacks are much more than meets the eye. On the outside, these trusty travel bags for women showcase an authentic sense of artistic style, welcome any day of the week. Always lightweight and constructed with premium materials, they are armed with long-lasting organization. Power through your day with all your essentials packed beautifully on your back. Whether you're going from class to cocktails or the boardroom to a B&B, Aimee backpacks are made to go.

Accessories: Smile Making Add-Ons

It's the little things that make us feel good inside and remind us how amazing we truly are. Aimee's travel accessories are carefully designed with TLC to bring heartwarming smiles your way. Whether it's a handy key fob and colorful tassel attached to your favorite bag, a credit card zip wallet tucked safely inside, or a bracelet for a touch of bling, women's accessories instantly add layers of love to your look.

Elevate Your Travel Experience with Aimee Kestenberg Bags

Every Aimee Kestenberg piece is meticulously designed with your lifestyle in mind. Whether you're jet-setting for work or escaping on a romantic getaway, our sleek, lightweight travel bags are your perfect companions. Explore our designer bags and find the bag that's always ready to go, just like you."

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